Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry wears longer, has an irresistible glitter and beauty, no matter what colour you choose to wear. It is long wearing and resistant to chemicals.
Many cultures believe wearing gold is good for women’s health, strength, and long term endurance. Men have started wearing more gold, as their lives seem shorter on average, than women.
Gold is a natural anti bacterial and may also draw toxins from the body, as does silver.
Gold reacts positively with the body’s energy and aura.
Our designers love to work with gold, as it possesses different properties than other metals. We would love to share our gold pieces with you or create new gold jewelry pieces for you.

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  • Artisan Designed Band Ring

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  • Floating Gold Sparkle Pendant

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  • Gold Charm Necklace

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  • Unique Lines Ring

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  • Unique Stacking Ring

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  • Unique Sunburst Ring

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  • Unique Swirls Gold Ring

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  • Whirl Earrings

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