The Season of Love

Summer Time is Here

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Summer is here and with it comes the blossoms of many flowers. A time of new life, new adventures, celebrations and precious moments

Jewelry is a great way to remember those special moments, adventures or just the flowers we stop to smell.

I love to design flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, birds and leaves. Nature is an awesome way to be inspired. Its the simpler things in life that matter. Those things can be awe inspiring for a lifetime

Get out there & enjoy summer with its adventures and memories to be created. Visit Avelina Jewelry when you need a special piece of jewelry to remember the summer of 2018

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Love…. Gerrie

Its the Season of Love

Season of Love with diamonds

Its the Season of Love, that we celebrate with Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever wondered how Valentine Day came to be?

Valentines Day is actually a very old tradition, celebration. In Roman Times, 3rd Century AD, the Romans celebrated this day as a feast to celebrate the beginning of their spring time (Oh, how I wish)

The Romans Emperor Claudius II executed a man named Valentine. His crime was in marrying Christians. Many Romans were converting to Christianity and the Romans were trying to stop this. Claudius made strict rules on what Christians could do. He especially did not want his soldiers becoming Christians or marrying Christians.

It was said that Valentine was a priest. He believed in the importance of love and began marrying Christians. He secretly married several Roman soldiers. He was eventually found and jailed. Legend has it that while in jail he cared for his fellow prison mates, healing them. His last act before being executed was to cure a young girls blindness and leaving her a note from “Her Valentine”

Later, in the 14th Century, the Catholic Church proclaimed February 14, Saint Valentine’s Day. This was the first time Romantic love was connected to this time of feasting.

In creating Saint Valentine’s Day, the Catholic Church was abolishing the Pagan Fertility Rituals held every February.  Most of Rome was Christian and the Catholic Church was determined to stamp out any remaining Paganism.

The poet Chaucer, wrote poems of love and linked them to Valentines Day. This was the beginning of the tradition of curly love, usually meeting in secret to express love and admiration. This spread throughout Europe and stories grew about a High Court of Love where female judges would rule on issues related to love on February 14th.

Valentines Day has now become the time of Love & Romance with February 14th being The Most Romantic Day of the year.

Men across the globe rush to the stores to find the perfect Valentines Gift for his beloved.

Diamond Jewelry is the one gift that truly symbolizes love & respect. There are many choices with earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings of all shapes, sizes and price points

Naturally, what better day of the year could there be to give an Engagement Ring? That takes planning and should not be an impulse moment. People should research diamonds and any other precious stones they may want to represent this very special love and time in their lives.

I have made engagement rings with not only diamonds but emeralds, rubies and sapphires in the ring. The ring that stands out the most for me is a diamond engagement ring I was asked to create that had 2 blue sapphires in the design. The blue sapphires represented their twin boys. It was a very special story of love.

That Valentine’s Day… a special day dedicated to love. If there was more love in the world, it would be a better place…


Love, Gerrie


Avelina Jewelry

At Avelina Jewelry, we wanted to be able to connect easily with those who are interested in following our company.

If Every Memory Were a Bead, We would all wear a 1 of a Kind Work of Art.

Avelina is about celebrating life with jewelry, creating your 1 of a kind work of art in jewelry based on the adventures & events of Your Life & wearing it next to your heart, on your sleeve or on your hands for the world to see.

Our Jewelry is available in sterling silver, 10k, 14k or 18k yellow, white or rose gold.

Avelina creates heirloom quality jewelry that has meaning, that you want to wear, that celebrates your Life. It is affordable luxury.

Custom order pieces – diamond rings, precious stone rings, wedding rings, partner rings are all available. We have some very unique pieces that we have custom designed.

We are a design company in Canada, with all items designed and created in Canada, by Canadians.

We use PayPal for payment, you don’t have to have a PayPal account. Its about security. This is a safe option for all of us. If you prefer to pay another way, please message or call us.

Hopefully our articles can bring a smile to your face, relax & de-stress & help you to dream for a few minutes in your day.

Then Celebrate! Celebrate Life, celebrate spring, celebrate when you WIN a new piece of jewelry from Avelina Jewelry. Just sign up on the form at the bottom of this page.